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Achieving ROI for Multi-Cloud Solutions Through Effective Compliance & Security 

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Achieving ROI for Multi-Cloud Solutions Through Effective Compliance & Security


The majority of today’s corporations and service providers are already on the road to success with multi-cloud solutions. Driven by the increasingly complex infrastructure landscape, and the need to create both cost savings and business agility, it’s no wonder that most businesses are embracing  multi-cloud by using multiple public and hybrid cloud providers. However, this kind of mixed environment can overwhelm organizations because of the sheer number of services they need to secure. A single misconfiguration in one service can lead to a serious data breach that is costly and damaging. This is why compliance and security are paramount. Without a strong security and compliance posture, investment in the multi-cloud solution is at risk. 


Top 4 Reasons to Invest in Multi-cloud Solutions


The evidence is in. Multi-cloud offers a bevy of advantages for businesses across all industries. 

Four key advantages stand out as the top drivers. 

  • Lower TCO:  Storing data in the cloud eliminates the need to pay upfront for physical hardware and services. Predictable subscription services without capital expenses means organizations can lower their total costs and invest that savings in other areas. 
  • Greater insights: Gathering data in the cloud and even in a multi-cloud environment makes it easier to analyze and gain insights that are otherwise unavailable. This intelligence is powerful as it can be used to enhance customer service and improve operational performance. 
  • Scalability: With multi-cloud, scaling up and down to meet demand becomes simple. For example, if a financial services firm quickly expands its customer base, it can simply add new resources to its subscription plan without having to purchase additional hardware. The ability to scale creates optimum efficiency and performance. 
  • Data security: With the right infrastructure in place cloud solutions and services can actually improve data security. However it is important to understand what’s covered and what’s not. 


OTAVA’s suite of multi-cloud solutions provide all these benefits and more, accelerating digital transformation with security and compliance at the core. Three specific ways that its multi-cloud compliance and security drives strong ROI include its Cloud Assessment, Managed Services, and Professional Services.

  1. Cloud Assessment: OTAVA identifies areas of vulnerability and gives CFOs an understanding of whether workloads are in the right place, what their investment is covering specifically, and the costs associated with each. 
  2. Managed Cloud Services: OTAVA’s Managed Services, including Managed Infrastructure and Managed Data and Workload Protection, allow organizations to have the peace of mind that they are staying abreast of security and compliance regulations while they drive greater business success and ROI.  
  3. Professional Services: OTAVA’s professional services team helps customers to develop the specific key metrics that their company must report against to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and at the same time demonstrate ROI for the business. OTAVA achieves compliance recertification each year of a wide range of key industry regulations including HIPAA-HITECH, HITRUST, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, and SOC 1, 2, and 3. 


As we move further down the multi-cloud path, it is important not to lose sight of the impotence of compliance and security. While cloud solutions can inherently add security to your environment, they can also introduce new areas of exposure. OTAVA has the expertise and experience to help businesses first understand the implications, and then ensure compliance across all clouds. In doing so, OTAVA helps companies create and maintain greater ROI with a strong, efficient, and productive environment. 


To learn more about how OTAVA can  help your business achieve outstanding ROI for multi-cloud solutions through compliance and security contact us today. 

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