A Lawyer and a Techie to Discuss Bring Your Own Device Policy and Security in Upcoming Webinar

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It’s funny how things work out sometimes. For instance, in a roundabout way, Tatiana Melnik’s disdain for math has been beneficial to Online Tech. Now it can help you, too!

“My dad always wanted me to be an engineer, but I’m very bad at math,” the Tampa-based attorney says. “The last thing I needed was to build a bridge that falls down.”

Instead of engineering failed bridges, Melnik makes a living by properly supporting companies in the areas of information technology, data privacy and security, and regulatory compliance. In fact, she advises Online Tech, and now she’ll advise visitors to Online Tech’s ‘Tuesday at 2’ webinar series.

Melnik and Online Tech Senior Product Architect Steve Aiello will co-host the next installment of the webinar series, “To be BYOD or not to be BYOD: Is a “Bring Your Own Device” Policy Right for Your Organization?” at 2 p.m. EST on Tuesday, Nov. 12. (Register here.)

Mobile devices are ubiquitous and companies are adopting BYOD policies that permit employees to use the devices in a variety of work settings. That’s particularly the case in the healthcare, financial and technology sectors.

Melnik has hosted similar presentations about the legal and regulatory framework for mobile devices in the past, notably at the Michigan HIMSS Conference and the SecureWorld Expo in Detroit. But she is excited about what Aiello will add during this Online Tech-hosted event.

“My past presentations have been basically from a legal standpoint. Steve brings a completely different view to the presentation,” Melnik says. “We’ll have significantly more insight into the technical problems of BYOD versus just the legal pitfalls and legal complications. If you are concerned about legal regulations, you also want to know the technology you can use to minimize those legal pitfalls, to minimize the risks and liabilities.

“The discussions I’ve seen always lack that piece. Our goal is to give people practical solutions they can apply when they get off the call.”

The combined approach of the webinar results in two key intended takeaways: 1) Understanding the legal risks and the policy drafting requirements of BYOD, and 2) Implementing a BYOD policy in a way that is usable for employees while minimizing legal risk.


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