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2012 Indiana HIMSS Medical Informatics Summit Recap

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The 2012 Medical Informatics Summit hosted by the Indiana HIMSS chapter and the Indiana Hospital Association held May 23rd in Carmel, Indiana was a huge success. Attendees gained a wealth of knowledge between the stellar lineup of presenters and nearly 20 vendors all connected to the health informatics sphere.

With a wide range of presenters, the day set itself to teach and inform on the uses of technology in healthcare, from the importance of healthcare security and protecting PHI to finally pulling it all together in achieving Stage 7 Adoption (a completely paperless hospital).

Dr. Stephanie Moore spoke about specific technologies they are employing at Mass General Hospital to monitor high risk heart patients to prevent remission. Mac McMillian closed out the morning sessions by talking about security of PHI in his presentation, “Healthcare IT Security in the Era of Meaningful Use.” Todd Richardson, CIO of Deaconess Health System, tied the entire summit together and the theme of meaningful use by discussing how Deaconess Health Systems finally completed Stage 7 adoption.

All in all, it was a wonderful conference and knowledgeable group to spend the day with!

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