Helping Cut Costs and Improve Quality of Care

Healthcare and life science enterprises face unique challenges in implementing IT solutions that meet their operational needs in terms of cost, compliance, and reliability. Cloud computing allows healthcare organizations to improve disaster recovery plans, process big data, improve collaboration between doctors, and to access a secure, dedicated network infrastructure.Healthcare providers interested in reducing expenditures on IT environments and infrastructure without compromising the quality of patient care or the security and availability of data should look to cloud computing. According to a HIMSS Cloud survey, the global cloud computing market growth rate is currently at 26.1% among healthcare providers, indicating that the adoption of cloud technology is accelerating, becoming more widespread in the industry. Virtualization of patient care is rapidly growing, and is projected to double by 2020 according to an IHS market study.

Healthcare organizations deal with sensitive information including patient records and contact information which need customizable and secure cloud storage and backup. More importantly, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates policy surrounding the protection and confidential handling of protected health information; with HIPAA compliant cloud solutions, our public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms are a perfect fit for the healthcare industry.


“Otava isn’t a vendor, they’re an extension of my team. They help us control costs and their technical expertise is unrivaled in the healthcare field.”

– Robert Denson, CIO, CORHIO Health

Cloud Use Cases for Healthcare Organizations:

Cost optimization you won’t find anywhere else with SprawlGuard®

SprawlGuard® technology is a unique, powerful tool included with all Otava cloud services that’s specifically designed to help you manage your cloud spend. You define precise cost centers, and watch SprawlGuard® technology employ advanced usage analytics to manage them. You gain visibility into your overall spend, its changes, and its impact so that you can see and measure potential sprawl in real time.

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