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ModuleMD: A Cloud Case Study

Case Studies

The Challenge

ModuleMD is an innovator in the healthcare industry, providing cloud-based electronic health records, practice management and data interoperability solutions. They also provide comprehensive medical billing and revenue management services. Before ModuleMD came to OTAVA, they were experiencing rapid business growth and demand that their current provider could not keep up with.

ModuleMD needed to meet specific business objectives quickly and started searching for a new provider. ModuleMD sought to offer a more robust HIPAA secure data storage environment for its customers and needed an IT partner with extensive knowledge of HIPAA and HITECH requirements surrounding data storage, retrieval, security, disaster recovery and redundancy, to meet the demands of their growing healthcare business. According to Chandil Pinchi, Chief Information Officer of ModuleMD, they required a Michigan-based provider who thoroughly understood and complied with HIPAA and HITECH regulations to help them keep their data secure yet highly available. They also wanted someone who could grow with the company.

The Solution

ModuleMD chose OTAVA’s dedicated private cloud for their fully managed, high availability environment that 100 percent complies with HIPAA requirements. They started with a single email server and continued to gradually move more infrastructure until their entire production environment was at OTAVA, upgraded to a virtual private cloud solution. OTAVA’s virtual private cloud offers the same security and performance but with no hardware configurations and gives the client the ability to assign cloud resources as they see fit, if they wish to do so. Pinchi said OTAVA’s highly available, HIPAA compliant architecture and close proximity was a natural fit for his company.

“OTAVA’s HIPAA compliance was a big positive for us, because the healthcare industry and the people among the community are really concerned about that,” he said. “We feel there is a lot of value that OTAVA provides and as an early adapter of healthcare data security and privacy compliance, their services ended up being a perfect fit for us.”

ModuleMD’s data storage environment is managed by OTAVA at their Mid-Michigan and Indianapolis data centers, so Pinchi and his team can rest easy knowing that vital server updates and monitoring is being done for them.

“The fact that OTAVA manages all our production infrastructure for us has helped big time,” Pinchi said. “Since we have moved everything over, our experience with OTAVA has been smooth.”

The Next Challenge

ModuleMD is looking to solve is reducing their data footprint while maintaining smooth interoperability for their clients. They are currently considering using OTAVA’s Data Protection as a Service, which would allow ModuleMD to retrieve fresh database copies at a faster rate while reducing their storage usage.


With OTAVA, ModuleMD found a Michigan-based service provider that had the reliable infrastructure and secure, compliant data center facilities they required. They can continue to serve their growing client base and ensure continued data interoperability, software and other value-added services to the healthcare industry. Thanks to OTAVA’s fully managed services, ModuleMD has seen their failure times reduced and there has been much less stress for their IT support team as well as reduced support ticket times.

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