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Four Security Considerations for your Hybrid Cloud 

Achieving compliance in a hybrid cloud

Do you need a hybrid cloud or a multi-cloud solution?

3 Key benefits of hybrid cloud

Is hybrid cloud right for your business?

3 ways to optimize your hybrid cloud costs

Hybrid cloud vs Multi-cloud: Key differences

“Multi-cloud” is a term that’s cropped up quite a bit in IT circles lately, with a lot of buzz generated...

Online Tech talks hybrid cloud with Ann Arbor's WLBY radio

Last week, Online Tech’s very own Nick Lumsden was on the Lucy Ann Lance Show on WLBY AM 1290 to...

How containers and hybrid cloud work together

While hybrid cloud is rising in adoption, many organizations are struggling to take full advantage of the efficiency it offers...

How to achieve scalability in a hybrid cloud

In today’s modern IT world, whether you have a new project, line of business, or a newer version of an...

How to control Shadow IT in a hybrid cloud

A recent Global CIO survey by Brocade found that 83 percent of CIOs believe procurement of cloud services without IT...

Security in a hybrid cloud

One of the biggest concerns around hybrid cloud for organizations is data security. According to Gartner, 38 percent of companies...

3 benefits of moving to a managed hybrid cloud

According to a recent UBS Evidence Lab study, 60 percent of IT administrators and CIOs surveyed agreed that hybrid solutions...

8 considerations when moving to hybrid cloud

Like any major decision (buying a house, choosing a pet, changing careers), certain considerations need to be made. In IT, moving...

Tools to Assist Security, Compliance and Improved Cloud Economics

Ransomware preparedness with cloud solutions

Managed Cloud Backup, powered by Veeam

Cloud Administrator - Cluj - Napoca, Romania

Cloud Support Engineer - Cluj - Napoca, Romania

What is Public Cloud Vendor Lock-in?

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