07-15-14 | Press Release

Online Tech Named One of the “20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Companies” in the U.S. by CIO Review Magazine

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CIO Review noted: “Organizations that seek to protect sensitive and mission-critical data and applications quickly realize that there is no single or simple answer to keep IT systems completely secure. Data protection and security is a complex, rapidly evolving landscape. Online Tech provides the ultimate layered security hosting solutions using what it calls a defense-in-depth approach. Comprehensive technical, physical, and administrative safeguards ensure the secure handling of its clients’ most valuable assets at all of the data centers it owns.”

CIO Review 20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Companies

“This is a wonderful accolade not only because it comes from a publication like CIO Review, but also because CIOs and CEOs of end user organizations played a major role in the judging. They know the challenges of making cloud computing not only secure, but also fully encrypted and compliant with regulations and standards ranging from HIPAA and SOX to PCI and Safe Harbor,” said Yan Ness, co-CEO of Online Tech.

“Our model represents a major step forward for cloud security. Data is encrypted from end-to-end, meaning in transit, at rest and backed up. It is also compliant with the regulations that healthcare, financial services, retail and many other types of industries must comply with,” said Mike Klein, co-CEO of Online Tech. “Our suite of secure, encrypted, compliant cloud computing services built on an enterprise architecture are unique in the industry, and we are proud to be recognized for that pioneering work with this award.”

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