08-20-14 | Press Release

Online Tech Acquires Indianapolis Data Center

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“Indianapolis is the thirteenth largest city in the United States—even larger than San Francisco—and we believe its businesses are underserved by secure cloud computing providers,” said Mike Klein, Co-CEO of Online Tech. “The city’s large population of healthcare companies must ensure that all patient data remains safe and HIPAA compliant, which fits well with our healthcare IT focus and expertise. Indianapolis also has a growing community of financial, retail, e-commerce and software businesses. They will all benefit from having an enterprise-class, secure, compliant cloud right in Indiana.”

The investment will create local construction jobs and up to 25 permanent jobs for IT, sales and data center professionals in Indianapolis. The renovation of the new data center will be complete in the third quarter of this year.

“The world-class infrastructure that we are bringing to Indianapolis will support the local economy. It will provide local businesses access to one of the most secure and compliant clouds in the world—right in their backyard,” said Yan Ness, Co-CEO of Online Tech. “We looked at the entire Great Lakes region, and chose Indianapolis as it has a need for the full suite of security products and services that we offer. CIOs and CEOs know the challenges of making cloud computing not only secure, but also fully encrypted and compliant with regulations and standards ranging from HIPAA and SOX to PCI and Safe Harbor. Our record of accomplishment helping businesses to keep their data safe and their systems compliant is unmatched. Our Indianapolis investment will allow us to serve the expanding and critical needs of the region’s businesses immediately.”

The 44,000 square foot data center design will support three MW of electrical load and 16,000 square feet of raised floor space. The data center will deliver a fully redundant power infrastructure to ensure uptime, fed by two separate utility feeds that guarantee resiliency. The data center also accesses a high concentration of fiber optics, making it one of the most interconnected buildings in Indianapolis—which provides customers access to multiple options for network providers.

Online Tech’s new Indianapolis facility will be the fifth data center in its portfolio. The company currently has more than 100,000 square feet in four data centers in Michigan. With more than 300 miles now between data centers, Online Tech will also be able to support customers in other markets that need disaster recovery and back up services across state lines, and want significant geographic separation between sites.

“Online Tech has unmatched expertise in cloud and colocation services that help regulated companies ease the pain of compliance on day one. That is one of the many factors driving our strong growth,” said Ness. “This is our first facility outside of Michigan and is the latest in a series of sizable facility investments to expand our infrastructure, including a major new data center in metro Detroit and the expansion of our Mid-Michigan facility. We see demand for our services across the Great Lakes region and nationally, and our long-range growth plan includes expansion into other Great Lakes markets.”

For more information about Online Tech’s data center facilities and its secure, enterprise-class, compliant enterprise hosting, visit .

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