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New Managed Disaster Recovery Solution Eliminates the Surprise of “Stranded Backups”

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“Regardless of whether a company accomplishes offsite backup through the Internet or physical offsite data storage, the unfortunate truth is that they are really only using a backup solution,” said Yan Ness, Co-CEO of Online Tech. “Organizations overlook the ‘recovery’ half of backup and recovery, which can severely compromise the business. They are forced to wait helplessly for new IT infrastructure, or give up after repeated restoration failures, as their operations and revenue grind to a halt.”

Online Tech’s new enterprise disaster recovery solution accounts for the “recovery” portion of disaster recovery, with the options of restoring services either at the client’s facility if data can be moved quickly enough, or immediately with Online Tech’s cloud infrastructure. This means companies can restore key business functions and revenue streams while repairing or replacing their in-house servers and software.

Hundreds of Online Tech’s clients are now leveraging the new service and enjoying the combined protections of compliance, enterprise class backup services and recovery options. Canyon City Solutions, providing software for mental health providers, loves the combined protections of compliance, enterprise class backup and recovery for protecting sensitive patient data. They use both production and disaster recovery within Online Tech’s five Midwest data centers.

“Encrypting data in backup needs to be a priority for every company that works with HIPAA-regulated clients, and Online Tech enables us to immediately comply,” said Dr. Larry Hinderks, president of Canyon City Solutions. “No other cloud hosting provider was able to provide that kind of protection for data in the cloud and at rest.

“Traditional backup processes have a significant, negative impact on performance and data accessibility, but Online Tech’s encrypted offsite backup has absolutely no slowdowns – even when backups overlap with heavy transaction periods. This provides peace of mind to our clients and helps us demonstrate HIPAA compliance.”

Online Tech client e-Procurement Services (ePS), an award-winning provider of e-procurement solutions, maintains back office business services in their own facilities, but leverages Online Tech’s off-premise enterprise backup and recovery.

“We outgrew our in-house backup server,” said Sandy Shelton, systems administrator for e-Procurement Services. “Setting up our own backup and recovery service was an option, but too costly and time-consuming to manage. Plus, our data would remain in our office and vulnerable in the event of a disaster scenario. We needed a reasonably priced offsite solution that could scale to meet our capacity and automate data backups. In the event of a catastrophe, recovery needed to be easily accessible and quickly restorable.

“When a critical file was accidentally deleted last week, it took less than a minute to restore it with a click of a button. In addition, a disaster affecting our production servers would have meant lengthy delays to acquire and configure the new servers, load the applications and then restore the backed-up data. Online Tech, on the other hand, can do a full restore off-site in their data centers, immediately getting us back up and running and serving our customers.

“We now have a single solution to make us feel secure about our business continuity strategy. From self-service file level restore to quickly becoming operational again in the event of a disaster, Online Tech provides us with a full spectrum offering. This just isn’t available from other backup and recovery providers.”

For more information about Online Tech’s secure, encrypted, compliant backup and recovery solution, visit the Disaster Recovery and Offsite Backup section of our website.

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