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Learn How Two-Factor Authentication Can Affordably Protect Your Customers’ Sensitive Data – and Your Reputation

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Members of the Duo Security team will join Online Tech Director of Operations, Jason Yaeger for the latest in a series of free educational webinars offered by Online Tech, titled The Affordable Way to Maintain Security and Compliance with Two-Factor Authentication.

The ‘Tuesday at 2’ webinar series continues with a one-hour presentation from Yaeger and Duo Security Vice President of Product and Strategy, Richard Li and Senior Product Manager, Brian Kelly at 2 p.m. ET on Tuesday, June 4.

They will focus on employing two-factor authentication to mitigate security breaches and fulfill authorization and authentication requirements of industry compliance standards such as HIPAA compliance or PCI DSS compliance.

According to Mandiant, 100-percent of security breaches involve stolen credentials. When sites are breached, passwords are stolen and can be reused to access additional accounts. The impact on business and professional reputations can be disastrous.

Ann Arbor-based Duo Security pioneered smartphone-based two-factor authentication and its services are now used by some of the most security-conscious organizations on the planet, along with three of the top five social networks.

Online Tech, an industry leader in secure and compliant data hosting, uses Duo Security for its own VPN connection for employees and offers the smartphone two-factor authentication for VPN access as an optimal security measure to protect against online fraud and unauthorized access for clients that connect to their networks from a remote location.

About Online Tech

Online Tech, Michigan’s largest managed data center is becoming the largest in the Midwest, expanding into at least four new markets. The “Fort Knox’’ for data is known for complete redundancy – “backups for everything” – from multiple back-up generators and backup systems to locations straddling two power grids and even two CEOs.

Online Tech leads in secure, compliant hosting services including cloud hosting, managed dedicated servers, Michigan colocation and disaster recovery. Online Tech’s Midwest data centers assure mission critical applications are always available, comply with government & industry regulations, and continue operating after a disaster. Backed by independent HIPAA, PCI, SSAE 16, and SOC 2, Online Tech delivers the security, privacy, and availability expected from world class data center operators. For more information, call (877)740-5028, email [email protected] or visit www.onlinetech.com.

About Duo Security

Duo Security is the easiest two-factor authentication service to deploy, administer, and use. Duo’s service can be set up in as little as 15 minutes, and used immediately by anyone with a phone. Over 1,000 organizations in over 80 countries rely upon Duo to prevent online account takeover and data theft. Backed by Google Ventures and True Ventures, Duo has been deployed by some of the most security-conscious organizations on the planet along with 3 of the top 5 social networks. Learn more and try it for free at duosecurity.com.

Press Contact: April Sage, Director or Marketing, Healthcare Vertical, Online Tech, 734.213.2020 x 113 or [email protected]

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