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Integrated Design Ensures Availability and Protection of Critical Sensitive Data with Otava’s Cloud Infrastructure

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January 22, 2019 Ann Arbor, Mich., — Otava, a leader in secure, compliant cloud services, is pleased to announce that Integrated Design has selected their virtual private cloud and disaster recovery services to protect their critical infrastructure.

Integrated Design is a leader in data management solutions that have enabled 25,000 clients across North America to automate business processes, and they have provided domain knowledge software development expertise for more than 30 years.

Integrated Design chose Otava’s virtual private cloud because it combines high performance infrastructure and scalability without sacrificing security. Because of the private nature of much of the data they manage, ensuring proper security measures was also critical for Integrated Design.

“We deal with a lot of personal information, and our vendors have a right to be concerned about the security of their data as it passes through our systems,” said Cheryl Karamihas, product manager at Integrated Design. “Having the 24/7 level of security with the high availability Otava provides us was very appealing.”

In addition to Otava’s virtual private cloud, Integrated Design also utilizes Disaster Recovery as a Service, which is fully managed by Otava staff and enables clients to initiate a three-click test failover. Otava clients also have the ability to test major software releases before going live.

“DRaaS has worked really well for us for two reasons,” Karamihas explained. “One, testing allows us to put the disaster recovery environment through its paces to make sure it will work in a real emergency and two, we get an added safeguard to make sure we have everything in place before a big release. The service has been awesome.”

Integrated Design has already deployed their cloud infrastructure and is in talks to expand their security services with Otava, including deep network and application vulnerability scanning.

“Integrated Design is a well-known company in Michigan, and I’m delighted that we are providing a core component of their IT infrastructure,” said Jason Yaeger, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Solutions at Otava. “We pride ourselves on providing secure, reliable cloud technology that enables digital transformation for companies across America that puts them in a strong position for future growth. I’m excited to help Integrated Design further assure their clients that they take security and privacy very seriously.”

Otava has a full suite of secure and compliant IT services, including fully managed public cloud, hybrid cloud, data protection and disaster recovery. For more information, visit www.otava.com. To read the case study, click here.

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