Otava guest contributor featured

in Container Journal

Posted 1.10.20 by
Carrie Kennedy

Otava Cloud Engineer Larry Ludlow explains the pros and cons of containers as well as best practices for implementing containers if you decide to use them for your hybrid cloud environment in this article published in Container Journal.

According to the RightScale “2019 State of the Cloud” report, hybrid cloud strategies continue to grow. While this comes as no surprise given its many benefits, hybrid cloud models do come with challenges. Containers offer solutions to overcome concerns such as application portability confinements, but how do you know if containers are a good fit for your cloud environment? An examination of the pros and cons, as well as best practices for implementing containers, can help you decide whether to use them in your hybrid cloud environment.

Read more at https://containerjournal.com/topics/container-ecosystems/containers-pros-cons-and-how-to-mitigate-risk/

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