Operations that go above and beyond

Otava operations are built from the ground up to meet the most stringent requirements of organizations. Bring us your critical workloads. Our highly available, N+1 configured locations have five 9’s uptime and handle complex environments for organizations that depend on them the most, such as hospitals, cloud service providers and financial institutions.

“Otava demonstrated it can get it done right – from the quality of their managed data centers to the professionalism of their staff. They have a good understanding of our type of company and our IT services and support functions. Their technical staff was very responsive with answers to our questions. Quite frankly, Otava has met and exceeded all of our expectations.”


– Greg Young, Two Men & a Truck

Meet the real heroes: Our operations teams

From deployments to account management teams to our legendary technical support, you have the dedication of specialized Otava engineers on your side day and night. Client availability and uptime isn’t just our job, it’s our passion. It’s these heroes that separate Otava from the rest of the pack to ensure the success of our clients and partners. These guys go the extra mile (sometimes literally) every day to ensure your operational success. Here are a couple examples of the teams and the people behind them:

Technical Account Managers

Otava Technical Account Managers (or TAMs, as they’re affectionately called) are the quiet heroes on our staff. Steadfast and insightful, these guys epitomize the meaning of client focus. Serving as client advocates, translators and liaisons when issues arise or complexity demands, TAMs swoop in and work with our technical teams to craft solutions and explain them in language everyone can understand.

Dedicated Deployment Specialists

Otava engineers are some of the most highly experienced cloud solution implementation specialists in the industry. They know exactly what it takes to manage the people, timelines and all the other moving parts that go into protecting your critical data in new and complex solutions. Think of them as the Sherpas of deployment: they understand your objectives and help you reach them faster.

Fun fact:

Our deployments team recently migrated a client’s entire environment, which was 134 servers and 90 TB of storage, in under two weeks! That didn’t even include recovery environments, which the team also migrated within those two weeks.

Emergency Broadcast System

When there’s an emergency, we know it’s all hands on deck. Like the Bat-Signal, our unique Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) alerts Otava heroes when they’re needed most. In keeping with our code of transparency, when the EBS is activated, we proactively let affected clients know as well so that they’re kept in the loop. Our EBS helps our team do everything in its power to ensure clients and partners have access to secure, compliant, available services.

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