Access and protect your data around the world.

We’ve built our corporate culture – as well as our cloud nodes and data centers – from the ground up to support the toughest compliance and security requirements any industry can dish out. At Otava you get the global infrastructure, availability guarantees and dedicated support teams you need to face industry regulations and client demands head-on.


Data centers and cloud nodes spanning the US, Europe and Australia.

Take a tour of any of our data centers, and you’ll see why the world’s most data-sensitive organizations trust their infrastructure to Otava. You’ll find multiple layers of network, power and cooling redundancy backed by an iron-clad commitment to security, compliance, privacy and uptime.


Otava operations support teams—your enterprise data champions.

Otava averages five-nines across all services and supports industry-leading SLA’s for some of the most data-sensitive enterprises out there. How do we do it? It’s not all about procedures, redundancies and technology. That’s just half the story. Our operations support teams are the other half (the most important half if you ask them). From service delivery and deployment teams to problem-solving technical account managers, you have the passionate dedication of specialized Otava engineers on your side from start to finish. No matter how critical your environment, Otava can handle it.

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