Case Study

Migrating from Azure Public Cloud to OTAVA® Private Cloud for Enhanced Security & Cost Efficiency

Case Studies

About the Client  

This software developer firm is well-known for its expertise in implementing a range of product-oriented solutions such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES). With a global presence, the company caters to clients from around the world to help improve and streamline their business operations.​

The Challenge  

The company was recently acquired and tasked to migrate its workloads to Azure as part of an initiative by its parent company.

“94% of enterprises are overspending in the cloud.” 

After doing so, the software company faced issues with its applications and performance. Connectivity requirements prevented them from using an out-of-the-box Azure firewall. This created issues in providing proper support to the company’s customers. The software company was unsuccessful in resolving these issues and lacked support from the Azure team when trying to get assistance to troubleshoot these ongoing issues.

So, the company kept running into latency, security, and compatibility issues. In addition to these performance issues, the migration to their new Azure environment had unexpected higher costs than expected.

The Solution

OTAVA® quickly provided a customized solution tailored to the software company’s specific needs by setting up the OTAVA® Private Cloud environment, which helped the company overcome all its current problems

The Results

OTAVA was able to quickly engineer and deploy a solution that addressed the company’s performance, latency, and security requirements – all while addressing their monthly costs. The company instantly recognized the value in several key areas:

  •      Improved Cost Savings: The company reduced its management expenses and addressed the unexpected costs incurred after the Azure migration. This software provider also found additional savings by moving from a month-to-month subscription to a fixed agreement. 
  •      Increased Security: Moving workloads to an OTAVA® Private Cloud solution improved their overall security posture. This is particularly important, given the nature of their business and the types of data they handle for their customers. 
  •     Timely Support: OTAVA’s people-centered, 24x7x365 support team can provide a level of service that the software company 


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