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451 Analysis: OTAVA® Poised to Help Enterprises Close the Cloud Security and Compliance Gap

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Cloud services provider Otava sees its expertise in security and compliance as its key differentiator, and it plans to aggressively acquire and aggregate smaller CSPs on its path to growth. 

451 Take

The demand for secure cloud services has grown and the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 have put security concerns in clearer focus for many organizations embracing remote work. 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Digital Pulse, Coronavirus Flash Survey June 2020 shows that implementing new information tools and practices (29%) is the top technology initiative respondents have accelerated due to the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

Although hyperscalers have mostly moved on from branding public cloud as secure or enterprise-ready, there is still a benefit for service providers like Otava in being explicit around how security and compliance capabilities are differentiators as customer demand for security services in the cloud grows. Cloud security is a top information security pain point, and respondents to 451 Research’s VoTE: Cloud, Hosting & Managed Services, Workloads and Key Projects 2020 say improved security (39%) is among the most critical factors in supporting the business case for managed services. However, the lack of cloud and security expertise still dominate skill shortages for most enterprises. These challenges have enterprises looking to service providers for help as they aggressively transform their organization and rapidly move to the cloud. Specialized managed and cloud service providers like Otava should be well positioned to help enterprises close the cloud security and compliance gap. 

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