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Yan Ness Speaks About Total Cost of Ownership at Automation Alley

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Can managed services save my business? Yan Ness, CEO of Online Tech was one of four executives called upon to answer this question at an Automation Alley event this past Thursday, January 7, 2010. He was joined by: Brent Yax, CEO of Awecomm Technologies, LLC, Matt Henry, Account Manager of High-Performance Systems, Inc. and Dan Hoban, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Nuspire Networks.

While all four speakers spoke about the pros and cons of outsourcing managed services, Ness focused on the financial benefits of outsourcing all of your data center needs, as well as, why managed services, as a CAPEX-free solution, are so valuable.

The core of Ness’s message is that capital is valuable, and should be invested in developing new technology. The cost of owning your own server is far more expensive than outsourcing your servers. This is not apparent until you add up all the costs of energy, bandwidth and manpower. By outsourcing your data center and choosing to use the full gamut of managed services you are allocating more resources, both financial and human, towards your core business mission.

This presentation was aimed at IT professionals and is packed with insights into how much, how easy and why choose to outsource managed services—most importantly, how to convince your CEO and CFO how it will affect your bottom line.


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