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Yan Ness offers insights at IMN conference in Washington, D.C.

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Yan Ness at IMN conference in Washington, D.C.
Yan Ness, CEO

Online Tech CEO Yan Ness had the opportunity to speak at the IMN data center conference in Washington, D.C., on June 9-10. He was part of a Cloud Service Provider CEO panel, and answered questions on future growth areas, how to remain competitive in a market dominated by large players, and specializing geographically.

What is Online Tech doing to remain competitive in today’s crowded market? Yan explained that it is Online Tech’s people who make the difference, citing his white-glove support philosophy and comparing the bigger service providers to Zipcar (where the car is provided, but driving and gas are left to the user) while Online Tech is like Uber (everything provided to the user).

When it came to answering questions about future growth areas, Yan said that Online Tech is already in a growth mode and always looks to remain current. In order to do that, he said, he makes sure the company is continually investing in its product roadmap, sharing that with his clients and researching solutions to clients’ problems.

When asked if Online Tech had any specializations by geography or by industry, he responded that yes, Online Tech focuses on the Midwest area, specifically Michigan and Indiana. The company is a full-service IT provider, offering cloud, colocation, disaster recovery, and backup solutions for enterprises.

About IMN: The Information Management Network Conference series is in its sixth year and covers a variety of topics such as investment management, real estate and structured finance. The Provider Forum on Data Centers & Cloud Services Infrastructure addressed the critical business issues that C-level executives at data centers, colocation and Cloud service providers must face, the agenda focused on four key themes: Optimizing Business Models & Strategies for Growth; Expanding to New Service Offerings & Revenue Opportunities; Cost-Effective Infrastructure Investment, Future-Proofing & Security Measures; and Cost Reduction & Mitigation Strategies.

Leading data center and cloud service providers, end-user clients, investors, capital and service providers to the industry participate in the forum annually. For more information, visit the IMN Forum homepage.

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