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One key difference between cloud providers

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How can you find the best cloud providers?

When it comes down to the products cloud providers offer, most of it is built on pretty much the same infrastructure. Anyone with enough capital can buy the cloud server hardware that providers use because it’s all available on the open market.

The same can be said of the software, for the most part. Perhaps the client portal, automation tools and back office functions are custom built and not readily available, but the operating systems are all the same and so is the antivirus, patch management and hypervisor.

But maybe you don’t want to take a chance on setting it up yourself. Maybe you’re looking for a cloud hosting company who help you figure out which equipment you need to buy and which you can hold off on until later. Maybe you need to rely on someone’s expert advice and trust that they’re there to help you, the customer. Maybe you’re looking for a great experience. That’s where arguably the most important part of the shopping process comes in: the culture of the people.

Think about the worst customer service experience you’ve had. Did you buy the product in question? If you did, was the experience bad enough to make you think twice before buying it again?

That’s where the key difference between cloud providers (or any company) comes in. When you have a great experience, you are more likely to buy that product (or at least recommend it to friends) because THAT’S what you’re paying for in the end. It’s not just about the tech specs of your network or making sure your hardware has 100 GB of storage instead of 90. It’s about the overall experience and the lengths the company went to in order to get your business. In fact, we would argue that it is the most invaluable part of the entire product, simply because you can’t purchase culture.

Does the company respond quickly and calmly to a crisis? Does it give you the personal attention you desire? Does it always do what it says, and does it clearly say what it does? These are what drive the ultimate customer experience, and this is the value you as a business offer to clients.

Whether you’re a business who provides a service or a customer looking to purchase a service, the real value of the product is the people who deliver it.

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It’s important to us to provide an exceptional experience to our clients and prospects, no matter what. And we hope that’s true of everyone else, too.

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