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Why We Built a High-Speed Encrypted Cloud

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Last year, we launched a fully encrypted, high-speed data analytics cloud from our Indianapolis data center. It’s a full enterprise-grade cloud based on EMC’s XtremIO and VNX all-flash array, Cisco UCS Blade Servers, and VMware’s virtualization platform.

We built this cloud platform with two unique capabilities driven by our healthcare data analytics clients:

  1. Encryption everywhere – at rest, in transit, and backed up. Online Tech is one of the few cloud service providers that natively encrypts all the data in the cloud. We made the decision to go with fully encrypted EMC flash, SAN storage and backup to meet the requirements of our HIPAA-compliant customer base. Because data is encrypted at the hardware level, there is no performance impact, which is extremely important for many analytic applications.
  2. Solid state storage area network (SAN) storage. By leveraging EMC’s XtremIO solid state storage disk system, we were able to deliver very high-speed data access at cloud prices equivalent to SATA storage just a year ago. This high-speed, high-throughput storage was driven by many of our clients with data analytic cloud applications.

Why did we build a high-speed, encrypted cloud in Indianapolis? To service a wide range of data analytics applications that deal with highly confidential, private, or personal information. This cloud was specifically designed for healthcare and financial applications, so it delivers a high-speed, high-performance cloud where data security and privacy are key considerations.

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