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Why Outstanding Customer Service is Crucial in the Cloud

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So you’re looking to make the move to the cloud. You’ve done your research, your cloud provider seems super reputable and it even checks off all the boxes from a technical perspective. The service is cost-effective and seems to be the perfect fit! Fast forward and you  need help troubleshooting only to get an answering service every time you call your provider’s support line. You’re frustrated, your boss is frustrated, and your customers might even be frustrated. Unfortunately, this is a very real scenario that many companies face when moving to a cloud solution. It works great until it doesn’t and when it doesn’t you need to be sure you can get your system up and running quickly without having to navigate an answering service. Here’s 5 reasons why having a cloud provider with good customer service is important:

Reliable Communication

There are few cloud providers that guarantee a live human will be there to answer your call 24/7/365. You want a cloud service provider that is responsive to your needs, not just a faceless utility or 1-800 number. When you have an issue, need to recover data, or need answers, having a live human to talk to not only improves the cloud experience but also gets you well on your way to solving the issue at hand. Often times dealing with customer service can feel like finding a needle in a haystack; through phone transfers and being put on hold, it can take time to find the right person to answer your question. The time it takes to finally talk to the right live human could result in additional downtime, costing your business time and money.

Supreme Care in Handling Data

The handling of sensitive data and files is a direct reflection of the quality of customer service a business receives. Outstanding customer service often results in the secure, reliable handling of data backups and other services. Those service providers that treat you like a nameless customer normally provide poor customer service, unreliable services, and are slow to respond to your issues.

Explain Complex Concepts

Let’s face it, there are complex processes, numerous vendors, and sometimes confusing terminology associated with the cloud. For those that aren’t IT professionals but want to take advantage of the massive benefits of the cloud, having a representative walk you through the “nitty-gritty” is crucial. Small businesses and enterprises alike can all benefit from the cloud, but a big barrier to entry can be IT savvy. Not all service providers are willing to “deal” with small to medium businesses that require a little extra upfront education and support.

Assist with the Failover/Failback process

No business wants to have to failover to a service provider’s servers, network, or backups, but there’s always a chance the situation cloud arise. In the cloud, failing over onto backups, servers, or a secondary network should be a seamless process. Yet in many cases, the failback process can be difficult and slow. Failback involves restoring operations to the primary machines, getting your business back up and running on its own two feet without the cloud provider. Failback normally requires a bit of downtime as the roles become reversed. The cloud provider essentially performs a failover to your site. The right cloud provider can make this a quick, stress-free process.

Trustworthy Pricing

Some cloud providers nickel and dime customers with hidden fees, like ingress and egress fees. At Otava, your price is locked the moment you sign a contract. If the cost of doing business increases, your costs will still stay the same. The pay-as-you-go model is supposed to bring simplicity to your business for budgetary purposes, not added layers of complexity and fees.

The Bottom Line

At Otava, we believe that great technology is powered by great people. It’s our promise that a reputable representative will be available to address your cloud needs as they arise. Customers who are unsatisfied with their current cloud service provider should turn to Otava. We excel in certain areas where our competition is severely deficient. Our white glove service, 24x7x365 live-human support, and 95% customer retention rate are simply not offered by our competitors. With Otava, you’ll get flexibility and agility, not headaches!

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