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Why Indianapolis, Indiana is a great location for data hosting

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Looking for the best place for data hosting? Consider Indiana.

Cloud, colocation, disastery recovery and other data hosting services in Indianapolis
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If you’re in charge of finding a place for data hosting, one of the bigger challenges can be finding the right location. You want a place that’s safe but also not impossible to get to if needed. After all, you’re looking for a place to store your most valuable asset—your data.

Here are three reasons why you should choose Indianapolis, Indiana to host your data, whether it’s stored via cloud, colocation or disaster recovery or backup services.


Since here are many major organizations are located in Indianapolis, including Anthem, Eli Lilly, Angie’s List and Celadon Group, there’s also a huge demand for telecommunications and fiber companies to provide connectivity.  There is a wide variety of connectivity companies to choose from, including Indiana Fiber Network and Metronet.

Safe geographic location

Indianapolis has a geographic advantage that many other cities cannot compete with. Thanks to its location in the Midwest, it is safer from inclement weather such as hurricanes, floods, fire, extreme heat (lower cooling temperatures), making it an ideal location for disaster recovery services, or even production sites. Even though Indiana does have tornadoes to deal with now and again, the path of damage is usually limited to a smaller area of square mileage than a storm such as a hurricane or a wildfire. It’s a pretty safe bet that even if your recovery site is only 50 miles away from your production site, your employees can safely reach your recovery site, and quickly.

Cost effectiveness

While you can argue that geographic advantages can be applied to plenty of other cities in the Midwest, Indianapolis can add another feather to its cap that they can’t: Cost effectiveness. Indianapolis is in the top 20 cities in the US in terms of population but doesn’t have nearly the same expenses associated with a city like Chicago or Boston. Indy is easy to get to, and, perhaps more importantly, easy to navigate once there. In addition, traffic is relatively low and you find the same parking difficulties that you find in a place like Chicago.

If you’re looking for a data hosting location, put Indianapolis at the top of your list. No matter what kind of IT services you need, Indianapolis is sure to deliver.

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