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Why CIOs Need to Embrace the Cloud

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It’s no secret that the cloud has been gaining momentum as one of the biggest disruptive trends in years. But what many people don’t realize is how the role of the CIO has changed as a result. With massive enterprise IT transitions coming underway, it’s up to CIOs to safely and successfully guide their company through the shift to the cloud.

There is no denying the benefits that cloud computing offers enterprises. From cost savings to growth opportunities, cloud is the new frontier for IT.

Potential for Growth

IT, software and applications are rapidly becoming infused into every aspect of business. This massive shift toward cloud computing is fueled by its flexibility and capacity for growth. With CIOs constantly being asked to do more with less and support growing enterprises, cloud is a logical investment. Not only does cloud cut down on capital IT expenditures, it allows companies to scale on demand and deploy new environments in minutes.

Hybrid Cloud – The New Reality

The truth of the matter is that we will all have one hand in both private and public cloud sooner or later. And while enterprises are struggling with their concerns of privacy and security, hybrid cloud has become the new reality and they must evolve to stay relevant.

It is for this reason that CIOs must now take on the task of helping their company transition to this new hybrid cloud world. But how? With all of the different cloud providers, solutions and use cases on the market, the most common concern we hear from CIOs is that they don’t know where to start.

Start with “Buy-In”

The simple answer is that CIOs need to start with “buy-in” and lead by example. If you believe in the benefits and opportunity of cloud, your team will too. And a successful integration often hinges on having a strong team. When IT teams embrace their company’s cloud strategy and support the business as a whole, implementing the cloud becomes easy.

Find a Cloud Service Provider

Once a CIO has the right team in place and done their due diligence, they should look to a cloud service provider to help facilitate implementation. Cloud providers are experts in deploying cloud technology and often are backed by compliance and regulations that enterprises need. Outsourcing data to a reputable cloud provider can help to give CIOs peace of mind that their data will be secure in the event of a disaster.

Bottom Line

Cloud computing is not only disrupting the way we view IT, its transforming the role of the CIO. CIOs can no longer work independently to run their departments, instead they are looking to other C-Levels to understand what solutions will make business run more smoothly. The more people in the company who buy-in to cloud computing, the more successful a CIO will be with integrating new cloud solutions. And to ensure these solutions are best-in-class, ask a cloud service provider!


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