02-05-14 | Webinar

Why many companies don’t have a data backup plan


Otava continues its business continuity series of videos on data backup and replication by explaining why many companies face obstacles to backing up their data.


Steven: I think a lot of companies that don’t currently have a backup plan … it’s kind of like purchasing car insurance. Everybody purchases car insurance but nobody really wants to use it because it means a bad event took place. So there could be a couple of reasons.

One, they don’t want to allocate the man hours to managing a backup solution, and it can be, you know, time and energy that’s spent managing backups versus making revenue and profit for the company.

Two, maybe they don’t have the technical expertise, or three, data security just may not be their mindset. We here are paid to focus on your data and your security but if let’s say you’re a law firm, or if you’re a restaurant owner, that’s not what your mindset is geared toward.

So, having a partner that that’s their job and that’s what they’re focused on, that’s really where the value comes in. You can focus on your law practice or your banking practice, or whatever, and you can let us focus on your data security and your backups.

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