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Top 5 Must-Read Articles for PCI Compliance in 2012

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Protecting your clients’ personal data has always been important element of trust between a company and its customers. When dealing with electronic transactions, it becomes an issue of card issuers not only trying to instill trust in payments done online, but protect themselves against fraud and losses due to fraud.

While there haven’t been too many changes to PCI DSS compliance in the last year, it is important to keep up with all of the standards because your business depends on it.

Here are 5 must-read articles explaining PCI compliance and what it means for your business in 2012:

  1. PCI and Cloud Computing: Cloud Computing Compliance Guide – This article explains what you need to know about PCI compliance with cloud providers, web security in the cloud, and log management.
  2. Simplifying PCI Compliance with Tokenization – This article takes you through the latest update on PCI DSS compliant standards, tokenization, and its impact on the scope of the guidelines.
  3. The Six Principles of PCI Compliance – Second in a series on PCI compliance, this article explains the six objectives of PCI DSS, what to look for in a PCI compliant data center, and how to maintain PCI compliance for your company.
  4. PCI Virtualization Report Cites Challenges with PCI Compliance in the Cloud – This article describes the virtualization guidance by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) and shows while cloud-based compliance can be challenging, it is possible with the right hardware and policies.
  5. Fend Off Hackers with PCI Compliant Hosting & Virtual Private Firewall Security – This article sums up the history of hacking attacks in 2010 and how ICS and IPS can help identify and protect against security breaches.

More PCI compliant resources:
Levels of PCI Compliance – Do you know what level your business falls under when it comes to meeting PCI compliance? Details on the standards and requirements by company size and transactions.
What is PCI Compliance? – Find details on the 12 requirements of PCI compliance.

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