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The Cloud: What it Really Saves you

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The most common reason that thousands of companies are making the shift to the cloud lies with its cost-saving associated with the cloud. Though a huge selling point for cloud computing, money is not the most important thing you will save. Migrating to the cloud can help to reduce the time spent managing your systems, allow you to easily scale, and minimizes your recovery time. Ultimately, all these savings can equal a huge benefit for your business and your employees.

Infrastructure costs

Making the shift to the cloud saves your business from the costs of building its own infrastructure.  This cost does not stop at hardware; you also avoid the expense of maintaining, cooling, rental space, electricity, etc that goes along with a data center. Sure, there are benefits of building your own infrastructure, like building equity in your environment instead of renting out someone else’s, but the amount of upfront capital required are often too much for small and medium-sized companies to bear.

In comparison, outsourcing your data to the cloud is a much more affordable solution that lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO). Your capital expenses (CapEX) are transitioned into operational expenses (OpEX), allowing you to focus less on managing your IT environment and more on completing projects, innovating and running your business.

Scalability and Flexibility

When you own your own infrastructure, acquiring new storage space requires a hefty investment in additional hardware. Thus, when your company outgrows its current space, you are met with quite the headache when it comes to spinning up additional servers and other systems in your existing environment.

With the cloud, your space can grow as you do. You have the flexibility to scale up and down as needed, and you don’t have to incur the costs of additional hardware. Basically, the cloud makes your growth easier and saves you a headache when you need to scale!

Speed of Recovery

When you back up to the cloud, you can quickly and efficiently recover all of your data at any moment. Having offsite backups means that, regardless if your business is hit by a cyber-criminal who encrypts all of your files, or a natural disaster that destroys your IT environment, you can recover your full IT operations in hours, not weeks.

Thus, the cloud saves you from incurring costs associated with excessive downtime. Cloud service providers can work to meet the Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and the Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) outlined by your business, and provide you with SLAs for availability. With cloud, staying online has never been easier!

The Bottom Line

Cloud Computing has the ability to deliver unlimited opportunity to your business. In addition to providing your company the platform to innovate, the cloud saves you time and money that can be spent on expanding your business operations. The best thing about the Cloud is that It’ll save you financially as well as increase the longevity of your business! Interested in any of our cloud solutions? Schedule a demo with one of our Cloud Solutions Engineers:

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