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Testing and Development in the Cloud

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Any developer will tell you that a high performing test and development environment can improve productivity, bring applications to the market faster and save time (and money). This fast-paced world requires keeping up with rapid digital transformation. The cloud helps facilitate testing, and deployment of applications that help your organization stay ahead of this transformation and adapt to customer demands.

Creating Efficiencies

Developers can provision testing environments on virtual machines (VMs) in a matter of minutes. A VM is basically a computer inside another computer- it runs in an application window (as would Word, PowerPoint, etc) that deploys a non-native operating system. Long story short, VMs allow your IT team and developers to quickly deploy testing environments.

Testing and development in the public cloud, for example, allows geographically distant IT teams to convene on projects from conference calls, application demos, and training, all in one environment. When developers are done with a testing environment, it can easily be taken down. In the cloud, infrastructure can be scaled quickly and better yet, the cloud provider manages the infrastructure. Physical environments don’t provide this sort of flexibility and require management that takes away from precious application development time.

Cloud-based infrastructure allows IT professionals to manage data centers through code and templates rather than configuring physical hardware. This can help developers more efficiently create repeatable processes when developing applications because code/templates can essentially be copied and pasted. It’s all about automation, development, and integration for developers, and the cloud makes this all easier.

Cloud technology and developers work together in many ways to create greater efficiencies. Developers can bring products to the market quicker as development environments can be easily created and removed in the cloud. Developers that come across issues/bugs and address them quicker thanks to cloud infrastructure and platforms. As applications near launch date, developers can test the application at a regular production scale. This can help identify problems and errors that would otherwise go untested until the application was live.

The Bottom Line:

Cloud computing provides tools for developers to automate, test, and deploy new applications. Reliability, speed, and scalability are traits of our cloud and non-negotiable requirements for developers. Keep your organization ahead of the digital transformation curve by migrating your development and testing environments to the cloud.

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