05-17-10 | Blog Post

Server Refused Connection Fix

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Tired of bounce back messages saying “Server refused connection”? Does it seem that some if not most of your email messages are not being delivered to their recipients?

If any of these apply to your current situation your email server may have been placed on an Blacklist or improper server configuration may be losing your precious email. In order to diagnose these issues you need a tool that can perform multiple system tests to help you gain better understanding of the issue itself.

A free and effective tool that I often use is mxtoolbox. This web-based tool offers you such valuable options such as an MX record, Blacklist, SPF header, and DNS lookup as well as many other tools that can be helpful in the solution development process.

For more information please visit www.mxtoolbox.com and http://community.mxtoolbox.com/blog/.

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