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Review and Request Firewall Rule Changes with OTPortal®, Our Client Portal

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Provided to every client at no cost, OTPortal’s® feature-rich dashboard delivers self-service, on-demand access to server monitoring, management and customer support, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

With historical records of current and past order forms, Internet bandwidth and support tickets, managing your account is a simple undertaking.

As an Online Tech client, you can use OTPortal to easily see any firewall rules you have on our firewall. Login to OTPortal at https://customer.onlinetech.com, open the Systems tab, then scroll down to the Firewall Rules section.

Here you’ll find a listing of your firewall rules. If you need to contact an Online Tech Support engineer regarding any of your rules, you’ll need to reference the ID and Sequence numbers.

To request a change, including adding a new rule, click the Request Firewall Change button. A new window will pop-up prompting you for details on the change. Fill in any of the fields on the page, or simply describe the change you would like to have made, and an engineer will contact you for further information. Click Submit, and your request will be entered as a new support ticket in OTPortal, where you can track it on the Status page.

Additional information about OTPortal is available in several training videos, found right on the site itself. If you have specific questions or need help, please contact us at [email protected], or by calling 734-213-2020 and selecting Option 3.

View more OTPortal features in order to take full advantage of our custom client portal system.

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