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Rethinking the Outsourced Cloud, Part III: Expected Benefits of Cloud Applications

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Microsoft’s SMB Cloud Adoption Study 2011 (Global Report) collected survey results from more than 3,000 small, mid-sized and large companies from 16 different countries. Expected benefits of using cloud applications include the ability to have up-to-date software, remote access, reduced costs and access to new services and applications not normally available in-house.

  • Up-to-date software – When outsourcing a managed cloud, SMBs can benefit from fully managed services including updated software patches, firewalls and antivirus.
  • Remote access – Increased mobility of employees and customers as well as the changing workplace require more access to applications from a variety devices, and from anywhere. As businesses hire more contractors and grow in regional target audiences, they require the ability to log onto a web-based resource to work and reach critical applications.
  • Reduce costs – No hardware costs, and no capital investments in building a data center. SMBs can benefit greatly from taking advantage of an SSAE 16 or SAS 70 audited IT vendor for not only their certifications and experience, but their research and investment in new technology.
  • Access to new services and applications – Limited resources can mean limited investments in IT services and applications, if in-house. Outsourcing the cloud can open up the doors to a variety of new services SMBs would otherwise have to bypass.
Expected Benefits of Cloud Apps for SMBs
Expected Benefits of Cloud Apps for SMBs

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Microsoft’s SMB Cloud Adoption Study 2011

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