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OTAVA Speaks: OTAVA talks compliant multi-cloud on the Compliance Unfiltered Podcast

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Hear OTAVA’s Jason Pohlman and Connor Duffy talk with TCT’s Adam Goslin about Cloud & Compliance on the Compliance Unfiltered Podcast

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Hosted by Todd Coshow, with compliance industry expert Adam Goslin, CEO of Total Compliance Tracking (TCT), the Compliance Unfiltered podcast delivers a fresh take on top of mind issues for compliance professionals. This week, Compliance Unfiltered features OTAVA’s Jason Pohlman and Connor Duffy as its guest experts. 

Jason, Connor, and Adam recount the more than decade-long relationship with Total Compliance Tracking, and also delve into the range of options across the cloud landscape. Important guidance is provided on what businesses should look for when considering cloud service providers. 

On top of the various types of private and public cloud providers, Connor advises that there are, “Increasingly important cybersecurity solutions that everyone should be looking at, if having not already invested in. Everything from security information and event management (SIEM), file integrity monitoring, central logging, antivirus, etc. It really boils down to [the fact that] many have compliant hosting or cloud services, but few have both.” He points out that OTAVA not only has a complete, compliant cloud solution but backs it all up with knowledge, expertise, and a world-class product catalog. 

Expanding on what sets OTAVA apart from the rest, Jason discusses why it all comes down to the people, partnerships, and service model to create something unique and valuable for customers. “One size doesn’t fit all. We build a tailored solution to fit the client’s needs,” explains Jason.

Having been aligned with the OTAVA team for more than 15 years, Adam shares his own real-world experience, as TCT worked with OTAVA on the migration from its OTAVA private cloud environment to its OTAVA Managed Azure solution to expand compliance coverage both in the US and into Europe with GDPR considerations. 

Adam describes his appreciation for OTAVA this way: “It’s a single conversation. All of my services are in one spot. I’m not dealing with a gaggle of different vendors for various supporting security solutions. It’s streamlined implementation and easy expansion. It’s just fun when you have a smooth implementation experience like OTAVA provided. When we made the switch from the OTAVA virtual private cloud into the OTAVA Azure-based cloud offering, both TCT and OTAVA were partnered together all working as a single team. I feel blessed to have a partner like OTAVA that I can count on.” 

Adam strongly recommends OTAVA and explains, “I am a huge fan of having a single service provider to enable my business. My job is to go do security and compliance stuff, not to be neck deep in the technical provisioning of the supporting security services. OTAVA lets me keep my focus where it needs to be.”


To listen to the full episode of the Compliance Unfiltered Podcast  featuring OTAVA, find it on Apple, Spotify, and Google Play. Or visit TCT’s Website


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