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Online Tech’s Co-CEO Leads Discussion on Data Centers: Build vs. Buy vs. Acquire

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IMN Data Center Conference

Online Tech’s Co-CEO Mike Klein will be a panel moderator at the 4th Annual IMN Financing, Investing & Real Estate Development for Data Centers hosted in San Jose, California from October 28-29.

The panel discussion, Build vs. Buy vs. Acquire, intends to cover:

  • Defining managed services
  • What services are your customers or clients requesting and how are you changing your business to accommodate these requests, demands or market shifts?
  • Valuation of data centers with/without services
  • What is managed services to you and from an investor’s perspective, where is the value to their investment dollar?
  • Are you building, buying, renting or acquiring services? Which ones?
  • Role and impact of engineering at your firm

Panel participants include:

  • Jack Pressman, Managing Director, Cyber Innovation Labs
  • Arman Khalili, Principal, Industry Capital
  • Neil Walker, Director, Vendor Relations, Limeline Works
  • Rob Bunger, Director of Data Center Science & Solutions, Schneider Electric

Other popular themes on the agenda include:

  • President/CEO panels for wholesale and retail players
  • Macroeconomics/Demand Dynamics
  • The Private Equity panel
  • Public Investment Management Panel: What Makes the Portfolio Manager Say yes?
  • Valuation of Single Sites and Entities
  • Most-Excellent Financial Management
  • Going from Gross Lease to Triple Net Lease to Owning your Own
  • Does Size Matter? The 100 Mega Watt Data Center

Check out the full agenda here.

Online Tech Co-CEO Mike KleinAbout Mike Klein, Co-CEO, Online Tech
Mike Klein is the Co-CEO of Online Tech, a leading managed data center operator in the Midwest, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Mike is a serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of high tech business leadership, technology, and startup experience including CEO of Interlink Networks, Managing Partner of CompanyCrafters, and CEO /Founder of Steeplechase Software, an INC 500 Company which he sold to Schneider Electric. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Mike spent the first decade of his career working in sales, strategic marketing, product development at Motorola Semiconductor and Rockwell International. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering from Arizona State University, and has more than half a dozen patents to his name.

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