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Online Tech Presents at Ann Arbor Virtualization Users Group Event

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Online Tech will be speaking at the Ann Arbor Virtualization Users Group event April 19. Event topics include VMware via Command line – VMware SRM Lessons – Hyper-V Briefing.

Online Tech Systems Administrator Chris Schmitt will speak at the event on Hyper-V Briefing. Chris will discuss the current state of the art in Hyper-V deployments and future features of Windows Server 8.

Other highlights of the event include:

Topic: How-To: VMware Command Line – GUIs are for Wimps
Speaker: VMware vExpert Rodney Mach of HiperLogic
Objectives: Manage your VMware environment at the command line, which opens up automation and reporting opportunities that aren’t possible via GUI. Learn how to create scripts from scratch and modify scripts online, as well as other tips, ticks and tools to successfully manage VMware via command line.

Topic: vCenter Site Recovery Manager in the Real World
Speaker: Senior Server Engineer at a Mid-Michigan Insurance company Tim Wade
Objectives: Real world implementation examples from the inside, including private cloud infrastructure, SAN storage and IT disaster recovery.

The event will be held 6-8pm at Aubrees Tavern in Ypsilanti, Michigan. RSVP is required – find more event information and sign up here: http://aavmug.ning.com/events/aavugapril192012

About The Ann Arbor Virtualization Users Group (AAVUG)

The Ann Arbor Virtualization Users Group is an informal group of people who meet to share Virtualization solutions and ideas. Members with different degrees of knowledge learn from and support each other. AAVUG is a learning center, an open forum for new Virtualization enthusiasts as well as die hards. Events/meetings are held bi-monthly and include tips, help sessions, technology briefing and occasional demonstrations of hardware and software.

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