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Online Tech Live Blogging From mHealth Summit

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Good morning from chilly National Harbor! Around 5,000 people are expected to be here today for the 5th annual mHealth Summit. Today’s morning keynote was given by Rick Valencia, VP of Qualcomm Life:

Mobile is the largest health and wellness platform today. Many of the conversations at these summits in previous years were more focused on many of the problems revolving around mobile health; the fears and dangers. Now people are talking more about solutions for these issues, which is a really promising change.

There are currently 6.8 Billion mobile connections. Just about every vertical and industry is going mobile. The expectation is that there will be 25 Billion mobile connected devices by 2020.

Your entire world will be connected.

Mobile is transforming the healthcare industry. Currently global health spend is $6.5 Trillion. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry is about 10 years behind the technology curve.

The mobile health technology progression:

Mobilize – Organize – Insight – Behavior Change

The mobile health market is projected to be $30-$60 Billion by 2015.

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