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Mobile Health Concerns from the mHealth Summit

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There’s much to talk about here at the mHealth summit in National Harbor, MD. Here’s a peek at what we’ve been hearing thus far today:

Opening Remarks:

Sharon D. Agostino, VP Corporate Citizenship, Johnson & Johnson.

Sharon spoke about Johnson & Johnson’s participation in MAMA (Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action), a mobile health initiative that sends expecting mothers mobile information throughout their pregnancy and the first year after childbirth to help bolster confidence and have the right conversations with their physicians.

This is being used in over 50 countries.

“We need to invest in learning more about how mobile health can change lives.”

During the morning keynote, Astrid Krag spoke. Astrid is the Minister of Health & Prevention with the Danish Ministry of Health & Prevention.

“My claim is this: we could start a new revolution, if we can embrace mobile.”

It has to be a patient driven revolution. Patient empowerment and mobile health as a backbone of healthcare.

Mobile health is going to help change the way we have our healthcare administered. It can reduce the number of simple checkups at the hospital by helping people manage their medical concerns.

It can also help prevent acute deterioration in the condition of patients by making communication more efficient. It empowers and motivates patients as well, to take part in their own medical care.

Lastly, and more importantly, it leads to higher quality of treatment for patients and an overall better quality of life.

The number of people utilizing mobile health to treat themselves or patients at home is constantly growing. It allows patients to feel more secure in an environment they’re comfortable in. On top of that, it gives physicians the ability to see more patients throughout the day.


We’ll have more live-blogging throughout the day and rest of the 5th annual mHealth Summit, so keep checking back for more on mobile health innovations and concerns.

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