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Microsoft’s Cloud Strategy: Where do you fit in?

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In the 5/3/10 InformationWeek article “Microsoft’s Cloud Plan: What’s In It For You?” by Chris Murphy, he says that Microsoft is all in. The article suggests they are actually trying to help people do what they really will need to do for the modern time.

I guess if you are a complete Microsoft shop there might just be something in it for you. However, if you are like most companies not all your apps are Microsoft based, how does that play into Microsoft’s Cloud strategy?

The article also suggests that Exchange Online and Sharepoint Online have been Microsoft’s leading SaaS offerings through its business productivity online suite (BPOS). But again, what if you’re not a Microsoft fan or have a business that doesn’t need Microsoft based applications?

Perhaps a private cloud is better suited for these companies? Is Microsoft headed down a path of least resistance or is the hassle not just not worth it?

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