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Michigan Colocation – Consider Location, Location, Location

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Location, location, location – is the number one rule of real estate. When moving to a new city or neighborhood, one of the first things people consider is location. Is the new location in a safe and secure neighborhood?  Is it close to work or good schools?

Looking for a new home is comparable to a company searching for a new colocation location.  It is very similar if you think about it. Location should be a top consideration. Is the new data center located in a safe and secure location? Is it close to company headquarters or easily accessible?

Michigan Colocation
Michigan Colocation

If you are in the process of selecting a colocation provider, I encourage you to take a look at the Michigan IT Resource Library we have put together.  This resource includes many Michigan technology topics, videos, and webinars that detail the benefits of a Michigan data center.

Safe and Secure Location
If you look at the past history of natural disasters, the state of Michigan has very low occurrences of natural disasters like floods, tornadoes and earthquakes.

Low Risk for Tornadoes – While Michigan does experience some tornadoes, it encounters less tornadoes and severity than many other states. According to the National Climatic Data Center (NOAA), Michigan averages only 16 tornadoes a year compared to Texas averaging 155 and Florida with 66.  Only 5% of Michigan tornadoes reach F4/F5 status, which cause the most injuries, deaths and property damage.

Average Annual Number of Tornadoes
Average Annual Number of Tornadoes

Low Risk for Earthquakes – The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reports that Michigan has very low risk for earthquakes.  In fact, Michigan has only had 2 earthquakes with a magnitude of 3.5 or greater between 1974-2003 and  <0.01 chance of having an earthquake in the next 50 years.

Risk of Earthquakes
Risk of Earthquakes

Source: US Geological Survey

Michigan Earthquake Probability
Michigan Earthquake Probability

Source: Earthquake Probability Mapping

Michigan Colocation – Offering Peace of Mind
The low probability of Michigan natural disasters can offer you piece of mind.  By selecting a Michigan colocation provider, your risk of downtime due to seismic and tornado activity is lowered.

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