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Managed IT Support for Office 365

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Microsoft Office 365 is an excellent tool for collaboration and productivity. Effective use of its enterprise applications, including well-known Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and more business-driven applications like SharePoint, Teams, and Exchange, can increase productivity.

But differences in how each application is used, managed, and secured can make administration time-consuming, create security risks, and negate productivity benefits.

At Otava, our team of certified experts can help you administer, implement, migrate and monitor your Office 365 ecosystem, freeing up your in-house resources for more revenue-generating tasks.

Benefits of Office 365

Managed Office 365 gives you greater flexibility by combining the applications you rely on with the support you need.

Wide Range of Products

Depending on your subscription level, Office 365 gives you access to a wide variety of communication and collaboration tools designed to boost productivity and help your business operate efficiently. The suite includes the latest versions of core favorites like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams as well as advanced applications such as Access, Exchange, and Publisher.

Professional Support

Take the burden off your IT support staff. Managed IT support for Office 365 gives you access to a team of IT experts who act as a single point of contact for technical and administrative issues. Teams are available 24/7/365 to provide the support services more than qualified to handle your sensitive data and systems. Support services help you with administration and support issues.

End-to-End Management

End-to-end Office 365 management helps you implement strategies for planning, designing, migrating, and deploying solutions that leverage the powerful capabilities of the Office 365 platform. Whether it’s a data migration or an Active directory security threat, managed IT specialists can help you deploy end-to-end solutions across any Microsoft platform to solve your greatest Office 365 challenges.

Improved Productivity

Products like Microsoft Teams and OneDrive allow clients, team members, and business partners to communicate and collaborate in real-time using group chats, online meetings, and file sharing. Users can access email, work documents, and applications securely from any location and on any device, whether desktop, laptop, or mobile.

Support Options for Managed Microsoft 365

Managed IT solutions for Microsoft 365 offer a full range of services from user support and monitoring to issue detection and remediation and workflow optimization.

Initial Assessment

Our initial assessment involves getting to know you and your business. We’ll complete a thorough evaluation of your IT environment and infrastructure for cloud readiness and identify technology gaps that need to be addressed before implementation. We want to understand your specific needs to help you create the best Office 365 solution for targeting your unique business goals, objectives, and challenges.

Consulting Services

With technology, one size does not fit all. We’ll help you create an Office 365 solution tailored to your unique business needs, including endpoint device, remote access, compliance, and security requirements. We’ll help you overcome technical challenges by working with you to streamline workflows and identify opportunities to increase productivity and enhance performance.

Migration and Deployment Services

Avoiding downtime when migrating or deploying new services can be a challenge. Managed IT support services can help you migrate and deploy your essential data and applications to new or existing Office 365 solutions with minimal disruption to your business. We’ll efficiently move your data without affecting your most critical business workloads or breaking security and governance controls.

Architected hybrid environments

A hybrid environment can help you manage varying requirements for data protection and security across the organization. You can keep data secure in on-premises solutions while leveraging public cloud spaces for flexibility and scalability. Managed IT support for Office 365 can help you combine your on-premise infrastructure with Office 365 cloud applications to create a hybrid solution that balances the organization’s requirements, drives innovation, and increases performance.

Synchronize Office 365 with Active Directory (AD)

Successful synchronization between Active Directory and Office 365 is based on properly configured attributes. We ensure that Active Directory accounts are prepared and the fundamental values validated and modified to guarantee a smooth transition to Office 365.

Configuration and Monitoring

Misconfigured devices and systems are one of the major ways threat actors gain access to an organization’s network. Correct configuration not only ensures that the infrastructure of your Office 365 environment works correctly but protects the environment from security threats.

Monitoring and auditing user and system behaviors can alert you to irregularities within the environment and decreases in performance.

Real-time Troubleshooting

With multiple interconnected applications and vast amounts of data, finding the root cause of an Office 365 issue can be challenging. Monitoring services give you access to real-time data to help detect outages, application errors, and performance issues as soon as possible.

HelpDesk Support

Managed IT support solutions also include round-the-clock HelpDesk support for administrators and users. HelpDesk teams are available 24/7/365 to give advice, help with frustrating IT issues and troubleshooting. A responsive HelpDesk team can help ease the burden on your in-house IT team, increasing their productivity and allowing them to remain focused on more important business projects.

Otava Office 365 Backup

Microsoft Office 365 gives your organization the ability to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device without having to host your own file and email infrastructure. But it doesn’t provide a comprehensive backup solution.

Eliminate the risk of losing control and access to your Office 365 data with Otava Backup for Microsoft Office 365. With Otava Office 365 Backup, you can protect your critical data from accidental deletion and security threats, restore individual Office 365 items and files and meet legal and compliance requirements with backup archives.

Otava Office 365 Backup powered by Veeam, ensures that your critical data is always available and protected. Contact us to find out more.

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