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Making Life Easier for IT Executives Upgrading Their Data Centers

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In the March 22nd edition of NETWORKWORLD there is an article entitled “10 hot tools for the data center”. The article suggests that by implementing this list of the 10 hot tools it will make life easier for the IT executives who are upgrading their data centers. One of these tools costs as much as $500,000. Wow!

If you have a data center currently and you are having problems, perhaps you should look outside at a fully managed data center for your colocation and dedicated server needs. For my experience, the benefits from simply outsourcing some of your IT infrastructure can largely outweighs the costs.

Ask yourself, what is the REAL return on investment of those capital dollars to continuously upgrade to new technology tools when there clearly is an alternative.

Are you and your organization ready to look at a CAPEX free alternative to this never ending list of technology upgrades in your data center?

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