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Liveblogging: Day 2 at mHealth Summit in Washington DC!

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Day 2 of the mHealth Summit conference in Washington DC is kicking off with the FierceMobileHealthcare Breakfast: New Trends in Remote Monitoring to Reduce Readmissions.

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More about the session, from mHealthSummit.org:

Already, remote monitoring technologies are impacting some the most pressing issues facing today’s healthcare leaders: improving efficiency, reducing costs, improving outcomes and preparing for coming changes in reimbursement models by reducing readmissions.

This panel discussion will explore how innovative healthcare organizations use remote patient monitoring to make measurable improvements in care and outcomes and explore how this technology will continue to transform care delivery in the coming years.


  • Understand what actions you must take today to prepare for the mHealth technologies of tomorrow
  • Learn how to use wireless remote monitoring to improve quality and outcomes and reduce readmissions
  • Learn how to manage patients who are most at-risk for readmissions, such as those with chronic diseases
  • Understand the value proposition of remote monitoring initiatives and how to measure the ROI of effective business models

Gienna Shaw, Editor-in-Chief of FierceHealthcare

Gienna Shaw has been a reporter and editor for more than 20 years, including in the areas of health IT, clinical technology, healthcare social media, healthcare marketing and patient experience.

Frances Dare, Senior Executive of Accenture Health Practice

Frances Dare is a Senior Executive in Accenture’s Connected Health Solutions. She brings more than 20 years’ experience to her work with private and public sector healthcare organizations.

Craig Kaiser, Director of AT&T

Craig Kaiser is Director of Business Development in the Emerging Devices Organization at AT&T. The Emerging Devices team focuses on bringing wireless connectivity to innovative devices in key consumer segments.

Alain Labrique, Founding Director of JHU Global mHealth Initiative

Alain Labrique, Ph.D. is the founding director of the Johns Hopkins University Global mHealth Initiative, a multi-disciplinary consortium of faculty and students engaged in mHealth innovation and research across the Johns Hopkins system.

Alan Snell, CMIO of St. Vincent Health

Alan Snell, M.D., serves as the Chief Medical Informatics Officer for St. Vincent Health, an integrated healthcare organization based in Indianapolis with 20,000 associates, 22 hospital sites.

Virend Somers, Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic & Mayo Foundation

Virend is presently Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic, International Scientific Director of the International Clinical Research Center (ICRC) in Brno, and has been appointed as a Mayo Foundation Clinical Investigator.

mHealth Summit Takeaways

mHealth Summit 2012
mHealth Summit 2012

Day 2 is unfolding at the mHealth Summit in Washington DC. The companies and individuals here aren’t waiting around watching – this conference is full of innovators who are on the cutting edge of mobile healthcare implementations across the globe. Dr Alan Snell of St Vincent Health is wrapping up a 2 year study focusing on the impact of mobile follow up with CHF (Congestive heart Failure) readmission rates. So far, the results show a 75% reduction in 30 day admission rates in the pilot study of 200 patients. St Vincent Health is planning a huge scale up to other patients based on these promising indicators.

Harry Greenspun, Senior Advisor, Health Care Transformation & Technology at Deloitte reflects how quality metrics can inform patient decisions. How do you know you have a good doctor? They listen. They keep a timely schedule. The best care might not be the highest ranked doctor in the country – it could be the doctor close by who can get the wart removed from your child’s foot and have you back out the door in 10 minutes. The best care for you and your family depends on your needs. One metric can’t define the whole of a quality healthcare experience.

Greenspun also ponders privacy. Are you more worried about someone stealing your identity and draining your bank account or showing up at the hospital and taking your colonoscopy exam? Right. But, privacy of health record is about protecting patient integrity. Let’s take Thorazine, for example. Know what it’s used for? Well, it’s an anti-psychotic. So, if you have a Thorazine allergy on your health record, what would that imply. It could be a hint why people are speaking with you very quietly and doing their best not to upset you. But, Thorazine is also used to cure unstoppable hiccups. So, we need to be careful about the implications of protecting privacy.

Vinod Khosia, Founder Khosia Ventures,  wants to stop patients from dying needlessly. 40,000 patients in us may die with a misdiagnosis. In many cases, clues to the misdiagnosis are already reported in the patient record before the misdiagnosis. Patient engagement and big data could allow each patient to become the CEO of their own health.

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