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IT Operations Management (ITOM)

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The IT environment is becoming increasingly complex with technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing playing a greater part in the way organizations do business. Companies need to have an efficient process to manage all the elements within the IT environment.

IT operations management (ITOM) ensures the stability and availability of the organization’s IT infrastructure and environment so that it can consistently provide high-quality, reliable IT services to its users.

What is IT Operations Management?

IT Operations Management is the operation, monitoring and continual maintenance of all operations related to an organization’s IT infrastructure and applications.

It includes the provisioning of IT infrastructure, capacity, performance and security management, and the availability of the computing, networking and application environment.

ITOM is customized and implemented based on the needs and resources of an organization. It forms the basis of a unified IT strategy that includes development teams, systems administrators, and business management teams, for providing and maintaining IT services within the organization around the clock.

IT Operations Management Functions

An IT operations management solution manages the execution of all tasks necessary to monitor and control an organization’s IT infrastructure and services. Here are some of the key responsibilities and functions of IT Operations management:

Network Infrastructure

Network performance is crucial for organizations, especially with businesses using more cloud-based infrastructure and applications.

ITOM manages network infrastructure, including all network activities related to internal and external communication, the internal telephone system, remote access, port management, monitoring network resources and maintaining network security.

Server and Device management

IT operations management involves the management and provisioning of IT assets including laptops, desktops, mobile devices; management of file and email servers and the routine maintenance, patching and upgrading of servers that host key business applications.

An ITOM solution gives you increased visibility and centralized control over the variety of endpoints in your ecosystem, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, Point-of-Sale and IoT devices for greater security, compliance and performance. This means that you can support any device, running any OS, in any location, at any time.

Helpdesk & Computer Operations

ITOM also involves the management of help desk and computer operations, including request fulfillment, incident response and event response. Using automation to proactively identify and remediate common issues, ITOM can help reduce help desk workloads.

An ITOM solution also includes activities such as scheduling and managing backups, setting user profiles and system permissions, implementing and managing the organization’s disaster recovery plan.

Why Is ITOM Important?

Businesses across all industries are becoming increasingly dependent on IT to provide on-demand services and maintain high-availability applications and systems. The delivery of effective IT services relies on the ability of the IT team to identify, prioritize, execute and manage the IT processes that drive operational activities.

ITOM helps businesses achieve accurate and efficient management of IT operations to ensure that their IT environment is performing at optimum levels. An effective IT operations management solution is fundamental for identifying areas in the IT environment that can be streamlined and improved to create secure, reliable and available IT solutions that support the success of the business.

Benefits to the Business

ITOM offers several benefits to help IT teams identify, prioritize, execute and manage the processes that drive business operations.

Optimize Delivery and Improve Quality of Service

IT operations management improves an organization’s ability to identify, prioritize, execute, and manage business processes to optimize delivery and improve the quality of service to its customers.

The ability to monitor the health of the IT environment through ITOM tools allows teams to identify issues early to prevent unplanned outages and minimize business disruptions by resolving problems in shorter time frames. An IT operations management solution also helps reduce security risks and improves adherence to governance and compliance regulations.

More Process Visibility, Better Process Execution

ITOM provides increased visibility of the organization’s IT systems and interdependencies. Through a single platform, IT administrators can effectively manage and report on all the components and related services in the IT environment.

Automation of repetitive tasks reduces and eliminates the inconsistencies associated with manual practices, enabling better execution of key operational processes. Automation also frees up IT resources for more complex, higher-valued tasks.

A Foundation for Digital Transformation

Digital technologies are transforming how everything is created, purchased and sold and how customers expect organizations to do business. In the quest for digital transformation, IT teams have to monitor and control a greater variety of devices, platforms, technologies, protocols and hybrid environments. They also need to help the organization maintain a high level of agility and adaptability.

IT operations management helps organizations achieve true digital transformation by moving to more intelligent and proactive IT solutions. With complete control over on-premise and cloud IT resources, ITOM can help organizations, automate processes, eliminate silos and enable continued innovation and improvement through the use of digital technologies like AI, machine learning and edge computing.

ITOM Software Solutions

IT operations management software solutions help organizations address their biggest IT challenges to growing the business. It provides applications for managing IT assets, software, events, and endpoints, application discovery and dependency mapping, capacity and availability and compliance.

ITOM software solutions make it easier to monitor and troubleshoot IT issues, respond to security threats and leverage application data for better decision making.

Otava ITOM Services

At Otava, we offer IT operations management solutions to help with your cloud deployments and data center management, single applications, or desktop support. Let our experts handle your storage, backup, and security needs while you focus on core competencies. Our ITOM services are available at cost-competitive rates as part of a contracted service agreement or on-demand by the hour.

Contact our certified cloud experts to find out how we can support your ITOM platforms.

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