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Is the Industry Finally Moving from Tape Backup to Online Backup?

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Remote Hosted Backup Financials are Starting to Make Sense

One area of the cloud that is gaining popularity is backups. According to a recent survey that was published by Connect Support Services, half of IT Directors in the UK plan to dump their tape backup within three years and go online backup or electronic backup over the Internet. We’re seeing the same trends here in Michigan as Online Tech Clients move from tape backup to electronic backup hosted at geographically dispersed data centers.

According to Mark MacGregor, CEO of Connect, “It is only over the past twelve months that we have begun to recommend to our clients that they move away from the traditional backup tape solution, so it is interesting how quickly the market is now moving towards remote hosted backup. One of the key factors holding people back from moving to Online Backup is cost – which is obviously even more important in the current economic climate. However, with the costs of storage falling dramatically, we have found that the price for many online backup services are now significantly lower than they were even six months ago. We are probably approaching a tipping point where tapes – at least for enterprises with relatively small amounts of data – rapidly fall out of favor in the market.”

The research, found that 22% of companies were already using some kind of remote backup service, with a further 28% predicting they will change from traditional tapes over the next three years.

Services like electronic backup are good options for small and medium sized companies who do not have their own backup system in place.

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