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Investing in security: What’s good for the business is good for the brand

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Online Tech: Investing in securityWe’ve already talked about the need to invest in an IT security budget as a best practice for business. Whether that’s an alarm for the door, a safe to guard money, or a firewall behind its network systems, security helps people and organizations sleep better at night.

But even with a lock on the door, burglars can still find a way to get in. The same goes for the security of your data. We’ve all heard of the data breaches of Target, Ashley Madison, and eBay. And chances are, you found yourself thinking with a sigh of relief, “I’m sure glad I don’t have to deal with that!”

The problem is, though, that you do. You just might not be conscious of it. Security is something you always have in the back of your mind when you are designing your systems. But why is that? Why else would you need to invest in security, if not to protect your business?

Well, because one of the biggest damages a breach can do to you, personally and as a business, is destroy your reputation. People will begin to hesitate to hand over their personal information to someone who has a history of being hacked, same as how many people will hesitate to spend the night in someone’s house that’s recently been broken into. That data breach creates a breach of trust with your customers which will affect your bottom line.

“Unfortunately, we live in a culture where nearly anyone at any time can experience a security threat or breach,” said Jessica Jersan, the public relations manager of Online Tech. “It’s important to maintain the level of trust your clients have instilled in your company, by keeping the lines of communication open, offering solutions pending their level of impact and informing them of how your company is taking the steps necessary to better protect them in the future.”

Keeping that level of trust, especially during tough times, is key to staying in business. And establishing that trust is a two-step process: Investing in security to protect your clients and/or customers, and being up front about any violations of that protection when they happen.

So, here’s another reason to keep that security budget at the top of the priority list. Not only does it keep your IT staff more productive, but it serves as reinforcement of a stable brand image and keeps your public relations and marketing department happy because it allows them to focus on promoting the great products and services your company provides. And what business doesn’t like that?

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