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Indianapolis cloud brings compliance and flash-y performance

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New Indianapolis cloud combines performance of all-flash with security, compliance, and a multi-cloud strategy

Months after opening our newest data center in Indiana, Online Tech has built a new and improved cloud infrastructure that is now operating from the facility in downtown Indianapolis.

The cloud, which went live in mid-December, is an enterprise-level solution built around EMC’s XtremIO all-flash array technology. XtremIO’s multiple flash memory drives – which replaces standard spinning hard disk drives – offer Online Tech clients faster application response times while increasing reliability and availability within the data center.

EMC entered the all-flash array arena in late 2013, when it purchased XtremIO, and is now the leader in the market.

Director of Infrastructure Nick Lumsden said the Online Tech team worked on the product design for three months and then went through three months of building and testing before launching the secure and compliant cloud on December 15.

The ExtremIO base creates a true scale-out architecture to the cloud. The bigger the cloud gets, more is added to its ability to perform.

“A lot of people are afraid to move to the cloud, but we’re bridging that gap by bringing a compliance product to Indy,” Lumsden said. “And this is an enterprise-level cloud, the kind you find in the Fortune 500 world. We use all E

Along with the all-flash array design that alleviates common infrastructure bottlenecks, the Indianapolis cloud allows Online Tech to combine its Michigan-based cloud to create a multi-cloud system separated by 300 miles, opening up a new set of options for clients across the Midwest and the country. A multi-cloud strategy further minimizes the risk of data loss or application downtime.MC, all Cisco … it’s truly a robust, high-performance infrastructure.”

“The buzz in the industry is to use two different cloud infrastructures, host applications in multiple places, and create greater reliability,” Lumsden said. “We are now offering that solution to our clients.”

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