How to Extend a T1 from an ADC Telecommunications Panel

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To extend a T1 from the wire wrap panel, connect your extend wiring as follows.

To extend a T1 from the wire wrap panel, connect your extend wiring as follows:
Pin 1 – EMPTY (tracer lamp)
Pin 2 – White/orange
Pin 3 – orange
Pin 4 – Blue
Pin 5 – white/blue

Tip is the ground side (positive) and Ring is the battery (negative) side of a phone circuit

Extend a T1

*TL means tracer lamp

These colors wrapped onto these pins assumes you’re using an RJ45 connector with TIA 568B pinout at the other end, the end plugging into the WIC card on the T1 router. A common mistake is to assume “T” and “R” means transmit and receive. They mean tip and ring.

T1 pinout is 1, 2, 4, 5.
Pin 1 – RX, Ring, negative
Pin 2 – RX, Tip, positive
Pin 4 – TX, Ring, negative
Pin 5 – TX, Tip, positive

Pins 3 and 6 can be employed for grounding if necessary. Typically, unnecessary.

Rule of thumb: always cross-connect from OUT to IN and IN to OUT. Pin 1 on the ADC panel is transmit, but it turns into receive for pin 1 of the RJ45 connector. Follow the diagram above and you’ll be fine.

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