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How 5G will Impact Cloud Services

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5G, the future of unprecedented speed and reliability, is set to take off in 2020. While this might seem far away, IT professionals and business are already preparing for the 5G world. 5G is the 5th generation of cellular wireless network connectivity and it brings with it high expectations that are sure to transform communications and the mobile experience. Some predict it will bring truly exceptional speeds to users; up to 100 gigabits per second per device. Chances are you’ve heard of 5G and its slow rollout into high populated cities and areas, but how does it impact cloud communications and cloud computing?

Your organization may utilize mobile cloud apps from both an operational perspective and from a customer offering standpoint. Consider the cloud applications you use on your mobile phone or tablet now: cloud music, cloud email, cloud video, cloud photo, etc. There is an entire future of mobile cloud applications, from mobile healthcare, mobile banking, mobile printing, etc, that will become more widely used and efficient thanks to 5G. For example, unified cloud communications services that your businesses uses will benefit from 5G connectivity because of improved speed and service reliability. There are numerous advantages of cloud communications whose premium features will undoubtedly be enhanced by 5G.

Some mobile applications have been “watered down” due to higher latency and inconsistent connectivity. From connections to O365, email, and other cloud applications, 5G will improve speeds, latency, and reliability, making cloud applications even more appealing.

As 5G is eventually rolled out throughout the country, rural areas are sure to benefit. Rural areas that don’t have high speed internet may have never really considered the cloud before. But with 5G, high speed broadband connection can be the missing link that allows everyone, everywhere, to shift to the cloud.

Cloud service providers will be able to reach enterprise mobile customers with added ease and reliability thanks to 5G. Larger amounts of computing and machine to machine communications will be facilitate by 5G connectivity. Access to virtual machines via tablets and phones could become more common as a result. Cloud providers will have more options and features available to mobile users thanks to 5G. Even hotspots will become more reliable and faster, allowing remote workers access to cloud services where internet connectivity is not available.

The Bottom Line

While 5G might not be available to the average consumer for the next couple of years, cloud service providers are planning and preparing now to take advantage of cloud technology for the devices that will utilize 5G the most. Hosted PBX and unified communications are currently streamlining business communications and support the mobile worker. 5G on top of this will create incredible communications experiences for your business.

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