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Five Questions to Ask Your Business Associate: Question #2 HIPAA Audits

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Following up from last week’s question #1, the second most important question to ask a Business Associate is:

Who performed your independent HIPAA audit and do you provide copies of the audit report?

This single question quickly reveals Business Associates who take HIPAA compliance seriously.

Business Associates who have invested in an independent HIPAA audit benefit from:

  • objective feedback from a HIPAA expert,
  • guided improvement of security processes and procedures,
  • training all of their employees about HIPAA security,
  • better preparation in the event of a PHI breach.

When you see what HHS requests after a PHI breach, you’ll see there’s no way that the requested documentation can be prepared in 10 days. 10 weeks or 10 months would be more appropriate.

Some will argue that the cost of getting an independent HIPAA audit is prohibitive, but compared to the costs of a PHI breach, it’s truly trivial. Consider this: current class action lawsuits seek $1000/patient record breached. When a laptop was stolen from the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative, 13,687 patient records were taken. There are 2 pending class action lawsuits.

2 lawsuits * 13,687 patient records * $1000/patient record = $27,374,000

Still think investing in an independent HIPAA audit is too expensive or overwhelming? Make sure you outsource health care IT services to Business Associates who are independently HIPAA audited and will share a copy of the audit report with you.

Next week we discuss policies and technologies used to protect health care applications and PHI data.


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