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Detroit Colocation

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Looking for Detroit Colocation?

Detroit Colocation

For Detroit colocation, there is no better colocation data center than Online Tech’s Mid-Michigan data center – the largest colocation data center near Detroit, Michigan. The data center was originally built by EDS for General Motors.  Online Tech took over the data center in 2006 to deliver colocation services to businesses in the Detroit Metro area.

Online Tech delivers a full range of Detroit colocation services from basic colocation to fully managed colocation.  If you need more than colocation, you can also consider our managed servers or private cloud hosting.

Our data center resides in a 32,500 square foot data center with 22,500 square feet of raised 24” floor in stand alone building, dual pooled 1.3 MW generators, three pooled 562.5 KVA UPS and over 300 tons of energy efficient CRAC cooling.

We provide colocation at both of our two data centers that we own and operate in the Detroit metro region.  Both data centers are within 50 miles of Detroit with and deliver Colocation, Managed Servers and private cloud computing. All of the  data centers are SAS-70 Type II Audited.

Why Colocation in Detroit?

Colocation is a cap-ex free (no capital expense required) alternative for businesses in the Detroit metro area compared to maintaining their own data center. Rather than invest the capital in all of the equipment it takes to run a data center – backup generators, UPS and HVAC units, and network, Detroit colocation lets you leverage a multi-tenant data center that has already made the investment in the infrastructure and personnel.

Colocation hosting in Detroit Michigan may be ideal if you are looking to run your servers in a high availability data center without the costs required to run a world class data center. You can leverage the SAS-70 and PCI audits and HIPAA compliance processes that Online Tech has undertaken at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Colocation lets you buy incrementally. Rather than invest upfront to build a data center that can meet your needs for the next 5 years, you can buy your data center a rack at a time with colocation.

Online Tech can provide you a colocation quote for one of our Detroit metro data centers.

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