04-07-10 | Blog Post

Data Center Skills Crisis?

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I was reading Network World the other day and came across an article called “The Deepening Data Center Skills Crisis.”

The main point of the article is that there are plenty of highly skilled IT professionals looking for work, but when it comes specifically to today’s data center, employers are having a hard time finding the right people. Companies are looking for generalists who understand the business side of IT, who understand power and cooling and who are up on new technologies such as virtualization.

At Online Tech, we have been fortunate enough to have a operations staff of those highly skilled IT professionals referenced in the article. They do a great job of specializing in managing the data center environment.

Since I have jumped on board at Online Tech, our operations team has done a fantastic job making potential clients comfortable with our data centers and managed services as well as keeping our current customers happy.

There is no skills crisis here.

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