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Core Values: What They Mean To Online Tech

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Core values are evident in how you treat all your stakeholders.

To succeed in business, it’s important to know who you are and what you stand for. One of the things we take very seriously at Online Tech is our core values.

These values are the very essence of who we are and are the ideologies of how we hire, fire, and treat our employees, customers and shareholders.

We felt it was important to put our core values on our new web site – and to iterate them here in our blog. This is a condensed version.

The full version can be found on our Core Values Page on the Online Tech website.

Win-Win or No Deal – The only good deals are “win-win” situations. Win-win deals are naturally sustainable, serving as a magnet to further client relationships, the key to our recurring growth.

Great Ideas Win so we need to have the broad shoulders and big ears to listen to and accept the best idea regardless of source. This keeps us open to new ideas an innovation that allow us to lead the industry.

High Credibility is a result of saying what you do and doing what you say – period. We strive to meet our commitments to our customers, our peers and our shareholders, and communicate early when we find those commitments can’t be met as we expected.

Superior Client Focus – We strive to deliver a superior customer experience to our clients. We understand that our clients are our life blood. The better we serve our clients the more loyal they will be.

Citizenship Responsibility – A company has a citizenship responsibility to its surrounding community; give something back. Great Citizens make Great Companies.

Shareholder Return – No illusions: We are a business and we work for the Shareholders, who believe these values help enable fantastic returns and expect nothing less of us.

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